Product Overview

Tax and Government Audit Insurance

With the rate of random government audits increasing year on year, it's only a matter of time before one or more of your clients is targeted for a review, enquiry, investigation or audit. The professional fees involved in responding to these queries and audits can easily run into thousands of dollars.

How will random audits affect your business?

Responding to official queries and audits can be costly to your business. Either you risk damaging client relationships by submitting unexpected invoices or you bite the bullet and write off chargeable hours.

Protecting your clients - and your bottom line

Quattro Insurance Solutions was created specially to offer the most comprehensive and easy to manage Tax and Government Audit Insurance in Australia.

We looked at what our competitors offer and what accountancy firms need. As a result, Quattro stands alone in providing the broadest insurance cover and many years of experience in working with accountancy firms to offer proven and profitable solutions.

The right audit insurance provides tangible benefits - an additional revenue stream for your practice as well as reduced write-offs because fees resulting from responding to queries or audits can be recovered.

There are also intangible advantages - strengthening your client relationships by being seen to be proactive.

Our systems are simple to manage, cash flow positive and designed to enhance your bottom line and your reputation.

There’s never been a better time to be absolutely confident that you are providing the best protection for your clients.

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